Hello Friends & Neighbors,

    My name is James "Chris" Owens. I am running for the Murray County Board of Education District 3. I was born and raised in Murray County. I am a graduate of Murray County High School class of 1998. I have 3 sons that attend school in Murray County, Dakota who is 16 and is a Junior at North Murray High, JT who is 8 and Chase who is 7 both attend Northwest Elementary. They are all three active in baseball, FFA &4H. We spend a lot of time outside as a family we enjoy hunting and fishing together.

    I look forward to working with other members of the board to improve our school system as a whole and make decisions with a common sense approach based on the facts. I want to make a positive impact on our school system for our children's future and their children's future.

    One of my favorite teachers Mr. Folsom told me one time he said: "Chris you can stand there and just let those plants grow how they want or you can get your hands dirty and work the ground and keep them watered and raise those plants the way you want them to be." Back in 1993 standing in the Bagley Middle school greenhouse I thought he was just talking about plants but, as I grew older I began to understand what he was trying to teach me back then and no matter what it is in life we have to put the work in to get the results we want to see. This is why I want to be your voice on the school board. I am ready to do the work and to get my hands dirty and help raise our school system the way we want it to be for our children.

    I ask for your vote on Murray County School Board District 3 on July 26th 2016. Together we can make a difference in our community.

Thank You & God Bless
Chris Owens

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